Beaumaris 50’s Club Presentation

Beaumaris 50's Club Presentation
Taking in the view at Beaumaris

Sorry for the delay!

So it has been almost a couple of months since I last wrote in the Journal. In the meantime, I have been a busy bee preparing for the Beaumaris 50’s Club presentation. Oh and the small matter of prepping my Christmas book too, which is now printed! But more about that another time. Here’s an update on how my presentation went – My Life in a Poet’s World, the Story so Far!

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A Dog Lover’s Dream in film

A Dog Lover's Dream in film
From L – R: James Gair-Owen, Charlie Wells, Rory Farmer, Me and Alfie

A Dog Lover’s Dream, from the book to the film…

The making of A Dog Lover’s Dream in film all came about when I met Alix Charnley. She works for Bangor University and connects the University’s resources through a Santander Talent initiative. She had come to discuss a project for Colwyn Bay Motorcycles, my day job. Alix and I got chatting about my book and decided that it would be fantastic to turn it into a series of films. These would feature the real Alfie and myself and form a launch platform for the book.

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The printed and published book

12 sample copies…

They arrived, printed and published, I couldn’t contain my excitement at receiving the first 12 sample copies of my book A Dog Lover’s Dream. It was just incredible to hold onto a book that I had written. However, thank goodness for a small sample run as a close friend spotted a typo!

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From the beginning, the best place to start!

the beginning

From the beginning…

I’m not entirely sure where the initial story of all this began nor where to start this Journal as the whole experience has been new to me. I have been dabbling in an unfamiliar world! So, to begin with, I’ll explore the run up to writing A Dog Lover’s Dream. This instalment will take us from Summer 2016 through to Winter 2016.

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