Almost good to go!

My third book is almost good to go and I have got 10 sample copies in my hands! It seems such a long time ago that I wrote the blog ‘Time to Put Pen to Paper‘ and back then my third book ‘to-do’ list was rather long. Thankfully, pretty much all of that list is now ticked off! I struggle to proof the book content properly if it is on a computer screen. So having a few copies printed means that I can check through them and make any last minute amends.

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The Book Cover is Complete

It has been a busy few weeks both in the day job at Colwyn Bay Motorcycles and with my book business. I have been working with Lisa Williams to finalise the illustrations for my third book. I am pleased to say these are now done. Consequently Steve Lowe, from Redcar Design, has been helping me with some ideas for the look, feel and layout of the book.

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Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly

It’s been holiday time and Alfie Doodle and I have been enjoying some days off down in Devon and Cornwall. Being away from the day job has really allowed my creativity to flow again and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally decided on the title for my 3rd book. More about that later…

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Christmas has come early!

I am so excited to be working with the wonderful Clogau again this Christmas. Following a meeting with Ben Roberts, the MD, a few months ago, we put a plan in place to collaborate once more! I feel honoured to be working with this fantastic Welsh jewellery manufacturer and could never have imagined this would be the journey my book writing would take me on…

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