So, I have some really exciting news to share with you. I am honoured to announce that for a third time, I will be collaborating with Clogau! We have a gorgeous new gift set to offer to you and your four paws. And this time, we will be donating a portion of our sales to help train some very special dogs to detect Covid-19.

A Dog Lover’s Dream come true!

To celebrate the collaboration, we have designed a beautiful, engravable, Silver Heart Pendant, which features a rose gold paw. In addition, we are not forgetting your faithful four paws, as they will also receive a matching engravable Dog Tag. Plus, you’ll also get a copy of my latest book, ‘Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly’, which follows Alfie Doodle and his friend Dolly the Siamese Cat as they journey to find the end of the rainbow.

Clogau Silver A Dog Lovers Dream Heart Pendant
Clogau Silver A Dog Lover’s Dream Heart Pendant
Clogau A Dog Lover's Dream Silver Heart Dog Tage
Matching Silver Heart Dog Tag
Clogau x A Dog Lover’s Dream
Rainbow Adventures Story Book

Donation to The Medical Detection Dogs

The Medical Detection Dogs

A portion of all sales of the Dog Lover’s Dream Heart Pendant gift set will be donated to The Medical Detection Dogs. Established in 2008, this charity trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease such as Cancer and Malaria. They are now applying their expertise to see if the medical detection dogs can be trained to detect Coronavirus. There are six Super Sniffers that are currently on this very special team and you can take a look at these very talented dogs involved using the link below.  We feel this is a very relevant charity to support at this time and hope you will help us to help them.

Meet the Medical Detection Dogs

What next…

The Dog Lover’s Dream Heart Pendant is now available on Clogau’s website! Hopefully you might have someone in mind that you can gift this lovely jewellery set to…or maybe you’ll treat yourself! Next week, Alfie Doodle and I will be travelling into Snowdonia to take part in a photo shoot with Clogau’s creative agency. We’ll share some of these pictures very soon on our social media accounts.

A Dog Lover’s Dream Heart Pendant


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