It has been a busy few weeks both in the day job at Colwyn Bay Motorcycles and with my book business. I have been working with Lisa Williams to finalise the illustrations for my third book. I am pleased to say these are now done. Consequently Steve Lowe, from Redcar Design, has been helping me with some ideas for the look, feel and layout of the book.

The Book Cover is Complete

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to work with Lisa again on the illustrations. Now, it is time to put these images and my poem together in order to create the book. Steve has been working hard on some front cover options for me so that the book stands out on the shelf.

Design Options

The title of my third book is ‘Rainbow Adventures with Doodle and Dolly’. It is important that the design of the cover gives a little nod to my first two books. However, my plan…as long as my poetry continues to flow, is to potentially create a new book series with Doodle and Dolly as the stars. The first two books are ‘A Dog Lover’s Dream‘ followed by ‘A Dog Lover’s Nightmare at Christmas‘ (both of which are still available on Amazon – excuse the shameless plug!). But, I feel the title of ‘Adventures with Doodle and Dolly’ could lend itself to many more stories, so I wanted to separate this out by using a different font. Steve has come up with some great options for me. I’m very excited to share the final design:

The Book Cover is Complete
A new style for my third book


Photoshoot Time!

Whilst figuring out the design of the book, I also need to get a couple of decent photos of Alfie and I to use in the book. If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you may have recently seen a couple of professional photographs taken by my Niece’s partner Tobz. Here are a couple of piccies in case you missed them:

The Book Cover is Complete
Hiding amongst the ferns
The Book Cover is Complete
Tongue out, ball in!

Tobz is a keen photographer and I have asked him to take the photos we need. I am really looking forward to working with him and to capturing some great shots. Watch this space for more photos. The hardest bit will be choosing one to go in the book!

What’s Next?

The next couple of weeks will see me finalising the design of the book with Steve and I also have a few important jobs to do such as registering the new title with Nielsens and obtaining an ISBN for my book. After that, it’ll be time to do a test print run with my favourite guys over at Twenty 10 Digital in Northampton, another company I have used for ages! I’ll keep updating this blog as I continue to move through the process of bringing this book to life… so until next time…

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