It’s been holiday time and Alfie Doodle and I have been enjoying some days off down in Devon and Cornwall. Being away from the day job has really allowed my creativity to flow again and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally decided on the title for my 3rd book. More about that later…

Double Birthday Celebration!

Our road trip was  a celebration of my 40th birthday and Alfie’s 8th – there’s just one day between our big day… albeit lots of years! It was our first time on the south west coast and we packed the Land Rover, complete with roof tent, ready for a couple of weeks exploring and camping.

Sadly, the weather wasn’t great and it rained each day and Alfie Doodle and I are definitely fair weather campers at best. But every cloud has a silver lining as they say, and so we stayed in some lovely hotels instead! We were thrilled to find some amazing dog friendly hotels including The Harbour Hotel, Idle Rocks, Rick Stein’s Prospect House and The Red Lion.

Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly
Enjoying the view from Idle Rocks

We visited some lovely places along the way such as the beautiful harbour towns of Fowey, St. Mawes, Padstow and Clovelly.

Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly
The picturesque town of St. Mawes

It was a very foodie trip, the restaurants are fantastic along the coast, and we didn’t stop eating!

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

One of our favourite places was the dog friendly ‘Lost Gardens of Heligan’. It was absolutely enchanting. Despite being on my holidays, I have been thinking a lot about my third book and Heligan turned out to be a really inspirational gardens. I often find that I get lots of creative ideas when out walking and especially when in scenic gardens. Those of you that know Alfie and I well, will know how much we love Bodnant Gardens here in north Wales. Our Wag Wednesday trips there have also helped get the creative juices flowing!

Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly
He’s behind you! At the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly

So, I have now finally made a decision on the title of my third book. It will be called ‘Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly’. Alfie will once again star in the book as Doodle and Dolly is going to be a lady cat loosely based on a Siamese mixed breed my family once had.

Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly
A little glimpse at the front cover, a work in progress…

The story will follow Alfie and his friends searching for the magical end of the rainbow.  I am pleased to say that I will be working with Lisa Williams for the illustrations. Lisa was the illustrator on my second book ‘A Dog Lover’s Nightmare at Christmas’. Steve Lowe, from Redcar Design, will be putting up with me once again as my graphic designer. This will be my 17th year of working alongside Steve as he has been my graphic designer since I was 23 years old!

Next steps…

Although I’ll be back in my day job next week, I’m now at the point where I’ll keep progressing the book on a daily basis. It’s super exciting to start seeing this poem come to life visually. If you’d like to pre-order a signed copy of ‘Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly’, please feel free to Contact Me.

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