I hope you weren’t too sad watching the last teaser video. Moving swiftly on, just like the weeks as we creep ever closer to Christmas, here is Teaser Video Five – Man’s Best Friend Can Be No Better. Despite the fact that my book explores a magical world where dogs can speak, in reality there is simply nothing I would change about Alfie. I love him just the way he is. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this next film.

The making of Teaser Video Five – Man’s Best Friend Can Be No Better

Alfie and I headed back to The Buoys, in Deganwy, to shoot this verse. It felt right to be back there as this fifth verse talks about how dogs can’t ‘speak human or write a letter’. And of course , that location is so poignant as it is where I wrote the poem that became the book A Dog Lover’s Dream.  This really is a special house for Alfie and I and the views onto the beach are a writer’s dream!

Teaser Video Five – Man’s Best Friend Can Be No Better is reflective in its style and focuses on the fact that although it would be wonderful if your dog could talk, that actually there probably isn’t much you would change about him. I particularly like the ticking of the clock in the background because in this fast-paced crazy world that we live in, time is really the only constant along with the loyalty and love from a dog…

The final teaser video coming soon:

Next week, on the 7th December I will be releasing the final teaser video, which I have called ‘The Reveal’ throughout filming. I will explain why next week…But, in the meantime, please do continue to share your comments about this fifth teaser video with me.


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