Welcome to another Thursday evening and therefore it’s time for Teaser Video Four – The Vets, from my Dog Lover’s Dream Collection. This verse was the sad one to record as it is all about that feeling you have when your dog isn’t well.  Charlie, Rory and James really reflected the sombre mood for me in this video. For all those of you with pets, I’m know you will relate to this…

Making Teaser Video Four – The Vets

With all the videos made in this collection, I got to take Alfie to places he loves and we had great fun recording. For this scene, I decided not to ‘film on location’ as unfortunately, Alfie does get very stressed at the vets and I didn’t want to inflict that on him unnecessarily. I genuinely wish I had attended the vet puppy parties as I do feel that would have helped him.

We were fortunate that where we chose to film, there were several other doggies and the owner of the gorgeous Bichon Frise featured in this video was kind enough to be an ‘extra’!

Sadly, there are often times in all of our pet’s lives when a trip to the vets is inevitable. Wouldn’t it just make things easier all round if they could tell us where they aren’t right…and to be able to reassure them?

Next week…

I’ll be taking a trip to London again and I have a very exciting photo-shoot taking place for my books. Let’s just say it involves a young lady who’s originally from north Wales, but she’s now a top model and will be working with Alfie next week!

Of course I’ll also be releasing the penultimate teaser video for this film Thursday, 30th November. I do hope you are enjoying watching them, please do keep in touch with your thoughts.


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