Thank you so much once again for sharing my second teaser video over the last week. This process is certainly making time go whizzing by as it is now week 3, so that means it’s time to reveal the third teaser video. I think this would be Alfie’s favourite as it was all based on him being at the park.

So here it is Teaser Video Three – At the Park:

The Making of Teaser Video Three – At the Park

We decided to film this teaser video over in Conwy at Bodlondeb. It’s a lovely spot for a picnic if you’ve never been. Fortunately on the day of filming we had fabulous sunny weather. Unfortunately, I had decided a good thick dog walking jacket and lovely toastie wellies would be the appropriate attire to help set the scene. I was roasting hot!

Over the past six years I have spent many an hour looking for Alfie in parks and woodland after he has picked up a scent and disappeared. On many an occasion I have even had to call my family and friends to help me find him. However, on the day of the shoot, Alfie Doodle was very well behaved and didn’t run off after any squirrels, despite the wording in the poem!

What’s next?

Well of course I shall be releasing Teaser Video Four next Thursday same sort of time (ish). In addition, I am very excited as on Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd November I have been invited to my old school to read to some of their pupils. I’ll also be taking part in their book fair an extension to Children’s Book Week, which is this week.

If you missed Teaser Video Two – Coffee and Cake, you can click on the aforementioned link to view. Teaser video four will be released next Thursday 23rd November…


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