Hopefully you all enjoyed the first teaser video, which I released last week. I was pleased to see that it got a good response on my social media channels and it was shared among friends. Thank you!

As promised it is now time to release Teaser Video Two – Coffee and Cake…


The making of Teaser Video Two – Coffee and Cake

Yet again we had more fun and games with the filming of Teaser Video Two – Coffee and Cake. The location for this shoot was The Pen y Bryn in Colwyn Heights, a great dog-friendly place to eat and drink. After rearranging all the furniture, the challenge was keeping Alfie interested and awake! He just wanted to have a nosy at all the other dogs or sleep! I had a great time as I got to eat a delicious chocolate brownie and drink cappuccino!

Thank you very much to Andy, Kelly, Sharon and all the staff for letting us film (and for the brownie and coffee!).

Let me know what you think

Again, please feel free to send me your comments to let me know what you think. It’s always great to hear from you.

And finally, don’t forget if you missed the first video, take a look at the article Teaser Video One – The Logburner. 

Teaser Video Three will be revealed Thursday 16th November!

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