Beaumaris 50’s Club Presentation

Beaumaris 50's Club Presentation
Taking in the view at Beaumaris

Sorry for the delay!

So it has been almost a couple of months since I last wrote in the Journal. In the meantime, I have been a busy bee preparing for the Beaumaris 50’s Club presentation. Oh and the small matter of prepping my Christmas book too, which is now printed! But more about that another time. Here’s an update on how my presentation went – My Life in a Poet’s World, the Story so Far!

Beaumaris 50’s Club Presentation

I was honoured to be the Guest Speaker at the Beaumaris 50’s Club a couple of weeks ago. The 50’s Club is a wonderful community-led gathering for both ladies and gents of a certain age! I was thrilled that over 70 members attended and I got the chance to share my story so far and some of my poems.

Poems recited at the event

I performed the following poems to a lovely, appreciative and supportive crowd:

  • The Dressage Competition – written August 2016 (please click the title to read this poem).
  • Birthday Girl Barbara – written October 2016 (please click the title to read this poem).
  • The Hunt- written November 2016.
  • A Dog Lover’s Dream – written November 2016.
  • A Dog Lover’s Nightmare at Christmas – written December 2016.
  • A Love Note from your Dog – written August 2017.

I also decided to show the Club ‘A Dog Lover’s Dream’ in film (release date for the first official teaser video is November 2nd). As the video was finishing, Alfie Doodle joined us and was introduced to the group.

I then held a book signing for the ladies and gents of the club and whilst Alfie wandered round to say hello. Along with A Dog Lover’s Dream, I had printed my new book A Dog Lover’s Nightmare at Christmas in time for the event. The signing was great and I  got to chat to some of the members about themselves and of course their dogs!

I’d like to thank the club for making me feel so welcome, in particular to Hazel the most wonderful hostess and Sue for introducing me.

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