A Dog Lover’s Dream in film

A Dog Lover's Dream in film
From L – R: James Gair-Owen, Charlie Wells, Rory Farmer, Me and Alfie

A Dog Lover’s Dream, from the book to the film…

The making of A Dog Lover’s Dream in film all came about when I met Alix Charnley. She works for Bangor University and connects the University’s resources through a Santander Talent initiative. She had come to discuss a project for Colwyn Bay Motorcycles, my day job. Alix and I got chatting about my book and decided that it would be fantastic to turn it into a series of films. These would feature the real Alfie and myself and form a launch platform for the book.

Meeting the dream team

We decided that two Videographers and a Composer would be needed to fulfil this exciting project. Fast forward a fortnight and Alfie and I were making our way to meet the chosen team. The three students, all studying for their Masters consisted of: Charlie Wells and Rory Farmer who would be looking after the film-making and James Gair-Owen who would be compiling the music. All three students were exceptionally talented in their areas of expertise, professional, friendly and great with Alfie!

Recording the voiceover

The first step was to record the poem. Charlie and I met up in the sound studio over at Bangor University. Over the course of an afternoon we worked through the book, and with her guidance, decided how the poem should sound. We recorded repeatedly until we were both satisfied that the emotion of the poem had been captured. It was wonderful to hear the poem played back with real feeling put into the spoken word. It really brought the words to life.

They say never work with children or animals. Alfie proved them wrong!

The recording of the footage was the next requirement, whilst James was working behind the scenes putting the music element together. Over the course of a couple of months, Charlie, Rory, Alfie and I would meet to record the video footage. We were a little worried that Alfie might not ‘perform’but hopefully when you view the finished films, you’ll agree he was a model ‘actor’. At this point I would like to say a quick thank you to the following places for letting us film:  The Buoys Beachside Residence, L’s Cafe and The Pen y Bryn Pub.

A Dog Lover’s Dream in Film ready for release

After 3 months of hard work from Charlie, Rory and James I received the 6 minute-long ‘teaser’ videos.  Each teaser video represents a verse in the book and has its own distinctive soundtrack. We also created a 7th video, which pieces them all together so the poem can be heard and the film viewed in full.  Now all there is to do is to launch these very special videos to the rest of the world…

The first official teaser video from A Dog Lover’s Dream in Film will be released on Thursday November 2nd 2017 with one a week after that for the next 5 weeks.



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