From the beginning, the best place to start!

the beginning

From the beginning…

I’m not entirely sure where the initial story of all this began nor where to start this Journal as the whole experience has been new to me. I have been dabbling in an unfamiliar world! So, to begin with, I’ll explore the run up to writing A Dog Lover’s Dream. This instalment will take us from Summer 2016 through to Winter 2016.

I remember chatting to my Mum one Saturday last Summer (2016) and discussing the fact that she had a dressage competition. Dad messaged me the next day to say she had won the event. As I stood in the sunshine at Haulfre Gardens a poem popped into my head. That was the first poem I had written and it had only taken minutes. I text it to Mum and she loved it.

The Dressage Competition – written August 2016

Today was the day for the dressage competition,
To exceed your expectations was your only ambition,
Entering the ring I’m sure you had nerves,
But you rode in style around the menage curves,

With Jeffy at your side wishing you all the best,
Your determination shone through and you rode with success,
Graceful and stylish moving together as one,
Competing with elegance and having some fun,

I’m so proud of you mama and what you’ve achieved,
It took courage to even enter but it was gold you received!

I’d always enjoyed word play and had written a few rhymes messing around to simply challenge myself, but in writing that dressage poem, it was as if spark in my brain was ignited. I suddenly couldn’t stop the rhymes from tumbling into my mind. I would meet friends for coffee and then as I left in my car I’d find words stringing together. This created such an urgency to rhyme that I’d often have to pull the car over to write my poem down on my phone. From that point on, it seemed any occasion would trigger creativity. My Mother in Law’s 80th Birthday was one such moment and here is the poem I wrote for her:

For Birthday Girl Barbara – written October 2016:

On the anniversary of your 40×2,
Your family gathered together to celebrate with you,
An extremely special lady for whom I very much care,
On this birthday occasion I’m just sorry I can’t be there,

With the energy of a two year old is how you choose to live,
And the wisdom of your years, so much advice to give,
Nurturing the family with so much love and food,
Spending time with you never fails to brighten my mood,

You rival Mary Berry with your infamous sponge cakes,
Sundays are my favourite such delicious roasts you make,
Everton’s your team despite your love of red,
But when Pete’s about you should definitely wear blue instead,

Andre Rieu your passion you enjoy the song and dance,
We sure you’d join him on the stage given half the chance,
Caring and looking after us all is what you do the best,
But on this trip to London you should have a well deserved rest,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and sending all my love,
To one fabulous lady called Barbara  to whom I dedicate the above!

In between these poems, I was writing poems constantly on my phone, well over 30. My words were inspired by nature, others by scenery, some at my friends’ request or  quite simply reflecting a time, a place and the mood I was feeling. And then in November I wrote A Dog Lover’s Dream…



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