Home is the beautiful coastal area of north Wales. This fantastic location in itself inspires my poetry. I thoroughly enjoy writing and have been fortunate enough to create a business out of something I love.

In addition to my published books, A Dog Lover’s Dream,  A Dog Lover’s Nightmare at Christmas and Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly, I also commission poems for special occasions. My collection includes over 100 poems (and counting). Please Contact Me if you would like to see some examples of my work.

How it came to be

Although now a published author, my day job couldn’t be more different. I actually run my family’s motorcycle dealership in north Wales with Alfie Doodle at my side!

I was inspired to write A Dog Lover’s Dream one gloomy evening in November 2016 as I was sat in front of the log burner with Alfie. He was dreaming, woofing and growling as he slept. I was thinking how amazing it would be if he could talk about his dreams. There and then, out popped the poem, which became the story A Dog Lover’ Dream.

As the festive period approached, A Dog Lover’s Nightmare at Christmas was published, which is based on a true story of Alfie’s mischievousness the first year I had him!

I have just published my third book, Rainbow Adventures with Doodle & Dolly. Do visit again soon, to find where Alfie’s adventures lead him next.